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Why Use ASCQ-Me

The reasons for using ASCQ-Me are as varied as the users but below we describe three common reasons.

  • Health care providers may use ASCQ-Me to complement physiological measures of disease severity. By assessing the broader impact of the disease on emotional distress, ability to sleep, or ability to function socially, ASCQ-Me points to areas of decline or improvement that may be missed by physiological measures.
  • Researchers may use ASCQ-Me to understand disparities in functioning and wellbeing among groups of adults with SCD in clinical, health services and population-based research. For example, ASCQ-Me can be used in clinical trials of drug therapy, or to evaluate the health outcomes of patients treated under different healthcare delivery systems, or to identify regional differences in the functioning and wellbeing of adults with SCD.
  • Patients may use ASCQ-Me to record how they feel and what they are able to do and to discuss this record with their health care provider and to track changes in their own health over time.